2012-2013 6. sınıf İngilizce 2. dönem 1. yazılısı



………………………………………. PRIMARY SCHOOL


The questions of the 1st English examination for the 2nd semestre


1)A man from Paris _________speak French.

a)is                       b)isn’t                     c)can                       d)can’t




_ ________chocolate can you eat?

_I can eat___________of chocolate.

a) How much-a bar        b)How many-a tin of

c)How many-a can of      d)How much-a slice of


3)The bird is in______ of the window.

a)between                b)next                    c)front                 d)under


4) What are they?


a) a packet of flowers-a piece of chalk-a cup of toothpaste-a box of eggs


b)a bunch of flowers-a piece of cake-a tube of toothpaste-a box of eggs


c)a bunch of flowers-a piece of cake-a packet of salt-a packet of balls


d)a packet of butter-a can of coke- a tube of paste-a box of balls


5)We  _________got any trees in our garden.

a)aren’t                   b)can’t                    c)has’t                   d)haven’t


6) 17:15   _ What’s the time?

            _ ________________

a)It’s a quarter past seven                                  b)It’s a quarter past five

c)It’s a quarter to five                                        d)It’s half past seven


7)  _ ___________________?

     _ They are Mary’s.

a)  Where is the pullover?                                  b) Whose sweater is this?

c)Whose shoes are these?                                 d)  Where are the books?

8) M.Kemal Atatürk is Zübeyde Hanım and Ali Rıza Bey’s  _______

a) father                        b)daughter                 c)husband                    d)son


9)Jack _________got a motorbike. ______ motorbike is new.


a)has-his                     b)have-her                     c)has-its                       d)have-his






_Can Cemre _____________?


a) ride a horse- he can’t        b)fly a plane –she can’t


c)mend a car –he can             d) sing a song –she can


11) John Scott: ___________________?

     Mike Hunter :  I’m married.

a)Are you single?      b) Are you single or married?    c)Are you here?     d) Are you a singer?



12)___________some bananas in the fridge.

a)There is                       b)There are                    c)They are                     d)It is




__ _________continents are there in the world?

_There are _____continents in the world.



a) How many-seven          b) How much-eight


c)What-seven                  d)Where-nine


14)Harry is a jockey.He can ____________but I can’t.

a-)climb a mountain           b) ride a bike      c) ride a horse      d) play table tenis



The dog is ________ the bed.


a) in               b) on              c)under             d) at


16)_Can you drive fast?                                  a)No,he can’t.- Because he’s too weak.

_ ____________                                           b)No,I can’t. – Because it’s  too cheap.

_ Why not?                                                   c)No,you can’t – Because it’s too high.

_  __________________                               d)No,I can’t. –Because it’s too dangerous.


17)There _____  ______honey in the jar.

a)is  any                         b)isn’t any                     c)are any                        d)aren’t any


18)My grandfather can’t play football.Because he is too ___________.

a)young                           b)old                     c)new                    d) tall


19)The board is ________the door and the bookcase.

a)between                             b)behind                         c)under                       d)in


20) ________________________?

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