7.sınıf seçmeli ingilizce 1.dönem 1.yazılı sınavı 2017-2018



  1. Gökçen:What is your sister like?

      Eylül:  – – – – .

  1. a) She is kind and helpful.
  2. b) She has got long hair.
  3. c) She is beautiful.
  4. d) She is tall and slim.
  5. ve 3. soruları tabloya göre cevaplandırınız.
ALICE 12 1,45 cm 48 kg
SUSAN 22 1.60 cm 55 kg
LAURA 40 1,75 cm 78 kg


  1. Tabloya göre doğru olan ifadeyi bulunuz.
  2. a) Laura is younger than Alice.
  3. b) Alice is taller than Susan.
  4. c) Susan is fatter than Laura.
  5. d) Susan is shorter than Laura.
  6. Tabloya göre yanlış olan ifadeyi bulunuz.
  7. a) Laura is older than Susan.
  8. b) Alice is taller than Laura.
  9. c) Laura is fatter than Alice.
  10. d) Susan is taller than Alice.
  11. The donkey is very– – – – .
  12. a) friendly b) honest
  13. c) clever d) stubborn
  14. Temel Reis is so – – – – .
  15. a) forgetful b) kind
  16. c) strong d) sincere
  17. My deskmate is a(n) – – – – girl. She says ‘OK’

to everything.

  1. a) easygoing b) hardworking
  2. c) stubborn d) forgetful


  1. Math is ……………………….than Turkish

a)difficult        b)difficultier       c)more difficult    d)easy

  1. A: _______ were you yesterday?

       B: I was at the cinema.

  1. a) Where b) When
  2. c) Why d) What


9.I don’t want to be friends with Yiğit because he is…

  1. a) selfish b) outgoing
  2. c) generous d) sincere


  1. What does he look like?

a)He is tall and well-built

b)He is quiet and shy

c)He is outgoing and energetic

d)He is selfish and stubborn


  1. Taner : ……………………….?
    Yusuf: In 1985.

A)Where were you yesterday?
B) Who was your teacher?
C) When were you born?
D) What’s the matter?


  1. A cheetah is _______ than a lion but it is not stronger ____ a lion.
  2. a) faster/ with                   b)fast / than
  3. c) faster than d)slow / than





13.Verilen cümleye anlamca en yakını bulun.

“Betül is more generous than her sister.”

  1. Betül and her sister are never generous.
  2. Betül’s sister is stingier than her.
  3. Betül and her sister are always stingy.
  4. Betül is stingier than her sister.
  5. Verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olanı bulun.

“Ahmet always help poor people.”

A)Ahmet is a mean man.

B)Ahmet is a stingy man.

C)Ahmet is a generous man.

D)Ahmet is a rude man.


  1. Verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olanı bulun.

“Selin always break plates..”

A)Selin is a sociable girl.

B)Selin is a clumsy girl.

C)Selin is a reliable girl.

D)Selin is a trustworthy girl.

  1. Dolphins are ____________________ sharks.
  2. intelligent b. more intelligent than

c.intelligent than                d. intelligenter


  1. Ahmet : Where was Atatürk born?

Fatma  : ……………………………

A)He born in 1881             B)He was born in Selanik

  1. C) He was born in 1881 D)He born in Ankara


  1. Mark : Tom is sometimes selfish.

         Bill : What do you mean?

         Mark : – – – – .

Konuşmayı tamamlayan seçenek hangisidir?

  1. A) He is slim with short hair
  2. B) He loves helping people
  3. C) He only thinks about himself
  4. D) He studies hard.


  1. Deniz : Merve is my best friend.

Sally : Why?

         Deniz : Because she always tells the truth.

Sally : I see, you mean – – – – .

Konuşmayı tamamlayan seçenek hangisidir?

  1. A) She is energetic
  2. B) She is generous
  3. C) She is honest
  4. D) She is mean


Name Aubrey Drake Graham
Music Genres Hip hop, Rock
………………………. Rapper , singer, songwrites
Awards A Grammy Award, 3 Juno awards

20-Boşluğa getirilmesi gereken seçenek hangisidir?

A)Date of Birth





Mustafa Kemal was a great leader. He was born in 1881 in Salonika. He finished Military School successfully. He led the Independence War and saved the Turkish nation. Then, he founded the Turkish Republic in 1923 and became the first president of it. He died in Dolmabahçe Palace in 1938.

21-Yukarıdaki metinde hangi sorunun cevabı yoktur?

A)Where was Ataturk born?

B)Who was fis first teacher?

C)When did he found the Turkish Republic?

D)When did he die?

22-Julia : Marie Curie was awarded the first woman to

win the Nobel Prize with her achievement.

       Eric: What does “achievement” mean?

      Julia: It means ……………..

  1. Strange
  2. Success
  3. Wonderful
  4. Brillant

Albert Einstein was  successful physicist. He was born on 14th of March, 1879 in Germany. He lived in Germany, Switzerland and Austria until 1940 and moved to the U.S. He got married twice and had 3 children. He was brillant. He made a lot of scientific Works and got lots of awards. He worked on the general theory of relativity. He retired in 1945. Einstein died on 18th April, 1955 in the USA.

His awards:

1920 – Bernard Medal

1921 – Nobel Prize in Physics

1921 – Matteucci Medal

1925 – the Copley Medal

1929 – the Max Planck Medal

1936 – Franklin Medal

1999 – Time Person of the History


23.When and where was Albert Einstein born?

  1. He was born in 1940, in Switzerland.
  2. He was born in 1879, in Germany.
  3. He died on 18th April, 1955.
  4. He moved to U.S. in 1940.


24.Which of the following is true?

  1. Einstein lived only in Germany.
  2. He was a succesful actor.
  3. He won a lot of awards.
  4. He never got married.


25.What happened in 1921?

  1. He went to USA.
  2. He died.
  3. He won the Bernard Medal.
  4. He won the Nobel Prize and Matteucci Medal.



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