8. sınıf 15. Ünite Prefer (tercih etmek)-Would rather ( Yeğlemek) Konu Anlatımı ve Worksheet

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Prefer (tercih etmek)
I prefer something to something else.
I prefer doing something to doing something else.
* I prefer football to basketball
* I prefer driving to travelling by train.
Would rather (I’d rather…) ( Yeğlemek)
*’Shall we go by train?’ ‘I’d rather go by car.’
* ‘Would you rather have tea or coffee?’ ‘Coffee, please.’
Olumsuzu ‘I’d rather not (do something)’:
* I’m tired. I’d rather not go out this evening, if you don’t mind.
* ‘Do you want to go out this evening?’ ‘I’d rather not.’
Aşağıdaki would rather kalıplarına dikkat ediniz:
I’d rather do something than (do) something else.
* I’d rather stay at home tonight than go to the cinema.
* I’d rather cook the dinner now.
Dikkat edilmesi gereken Prefer’den sonra fiil getirildiğinde –ing ekini getirmek gerekir.
I prefer drinking tea to drinking coffee.
Would rather’dan sonra fiil geldiğinde ise fiile ek getirilmez.
I’d rather drink tea than drink coffee.

58.Aşağıdaki kelimeleri ‘I prefer (something) to (something else)’. Kalıbı kullanarak yazınız.
1. (drive/travel by train) _I prefer driving to travelling by train._
2. (tennis/football) I prefer —
3. (phone people/write letters) I — to —
4. (go to the cinema/watch films on TV) —
Şimdi bu cümleleri would rather kalıbı ile yazınız.
Aşağıdaki sorulara I’d rather… + siyah yan yazılmış kalıpları kullanarak cevaplayınız.
eat at home , get a taxi , go alone , go for a swim , listen to some music , stand,
think about it for a while , wait a few minutes , wait till later
1.Shall we walk home? _I’d rather get a taxi._
2.Do you want to eat now? _I’d rather wait till later._
3.Shall we watch TV? —
4.What about a game of tennis? —
5.Shall we leave now? —
6.Do you want to go to a restaurant? —
7.I think we should decide now? —
8.Would you like to sit down?) —
9.Do you want me to come with you? —
Aşağıdaki cümleleri verilenlere göre tamamlayınız.
10. (get a taxi/walk home) I’d rather get a taxi than walk home._
11. (go for a swim/play tennis)
I’d rather —
12. (wait a few minutes/leave now)
I’d rather —
13. (eat at home/go to a restaurant)
I’d prefer —
14. (think about it for a while/decide now)
I’d rather —
Şimdi yukarıdaki cümleleri prefer ile yazınız.
Aşağıdaki Cümleleri Would rather ile yazınız.
1. Rose prefers studying English to watching television.
2.I prefer going swimming to playing tennis.
3.My father prefers typing letters to writing them by hand.
4.Many teachers prefer going on a holiday lo working for extra money
5.My mother prefers flying to going by train.
6.My son prefers playing chess to flying kites.
7.My mother prefers doing the dishes lo dusting the furniture.
8.My father prefers listening to the radio to discussing politicalmatters.
9.My sister prefers playing the piano to playing the flute.
10.My brother prefers studying in the morning to studying in the evening.

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