8. Sınıf İngilizce 1. Dönem 3. Yazılı Soruları 2017-2018


  1. Mustafa: What can we do on internet?

        Raşit: We can …. on the internet.


Boşluğa ne gelemez?


  1. A) do shopping B) make live chats
  2. C) listen to music D) feed a dog


  1. Songül: My friend spends five or six hours a day on the internet. He is a real internet …………


  1. A) connection B) student
  2. C) addict D) invitation


  1. Adil: There is aproblem im my ……., so I can’t connect to the Internet. Life is very boring for me.


  1. A) printer B) modem
  2. C) keybord D) headphones


  1. Nazlı: ……………. do you check your emails?

   Ramazan: Several times a day.


  1. A) How often B) What kind
  2. C) How many D) What time


  1. Şeyma: It is portable so we can carry it easily. We use it to store our data or files. What is it?


  1. A) Flash disk B) mouse
  2. C) headphone D) webcam


  1. Tarkan: How often do you…….music or movie?

   Sezen: I never copy music or movie into my computer.


  1. A) register B) download
  2. C) confirm D) upload


  1. Keziban: My father accesses to the Internet and buys the thing he needs online.


  1. A) download a movies B) practing English
  2. C) doing online shopping D) playing online games


  1. Erdem: …………….?

Aysel: Never. I prefer face-to-face interaction.


  1. A) When do you go out with your friends
  2. B) What are its technical specifications
  3. C) What kind of films do you watch
  4. D) How often do you chat online


  1. Fatmagül: How should we cook the vegetables?

Aysel: You …………….


  1. A) should steam them
  2. B) must wash them
  3. C) must serve them immediately
  4. D) should have all ingredients.


  1. Hasan: Are you doing anything an Sunday?

Ramazan: Yes, ……………


  1. A) I’m good at riding motorcycles.
  2. B) we are going to meet my cousin
  3. C) I really like cartoons.
  4. D) we are getting on well with my brother.


  1. Ben:……………..?

Erdem: I play online games.

Songül: I send text messages and listen music

Şeyma: I search for information for my mother.


  1. A) How many hours a day do you use the Net
  2. B) Who spends much time on the Net.
  3. C) What do you usually do on the Internet
  4. D) How often do you do homework on the Net


  1. Raşit: Do you want to watch an animation with me?

İsmail? I’d love to but ………….


  1. A) I prefer horror movies to animations
  2. B) I have nothing special to do
  3. C) I think animations are fun.
  4. D) I’m not feeling well


  1. Keziban: ……….?

Aysel: You can come with me to the kitchen and try something to cook.


  1. A) I am bored, what can I do
  2. B) Which snack do you want to eat
  3. C) Can I eat everyhinh here
  4. D) Which is ypur best meal


  1. Hasan: How can make a cake?

Şeyma: ………., crack two eggs into a bowl. I’m sorry but I need to go now.

Hasan: Hey, wait a minute. I’ll write the…….


  1. A) First/menu B) First/recipe
  2. C) Next/ingredients D) Next/meal


  1. Kerem: I’m bored. Let’sdo something.

Keremcan: OK,why not?

Kerem: ……….?

Keremcan: I don’t like it. I’m hungry. Let’s go out and eat something


  1. A) What about watching movie
  2. B) Do you eat in a restourant
  3. C) Do you want to be cook
  4. D) How about going out


  1. If you send a e-mail, you are a ……….


  1. A) caller B) receiver
  2. C) listener D) sender


  1. Adil: Can I speak to Alperen?

Raşit: ………….

Adil: Adil Akbaş

Raşit: Ok. I’m putting you through now.


  1. A) Could I ask who’s calling, please?
  2. B) Can you hold on a moment, please?
  3. C) He is not availableright now.
  4. D) He does not want to you now, wait a moment


  1. Mustafa: My favourite music type is rock music. I go to concerts in my spare time but I can’t stand arabesk music. I think it is terrible


Yukarda verilen bilgilere göre Mustafa hankkında ne söylenebilir?


  1. A) He like arabesk.
  2. B) He prefers rock concerts in his free time.
  3. C) He dislike pop music.
  4. D) He always goes to concert


  1. Ertuğrul: Halime, what do you think about pizza? I made it for you.

Halime: …………..


  1. A) Well, you can boil it now.
  2. B) No, it is not necessary. Is is good.
  3. C) Hmm, It look delicious.
  4. D) Yes, you can but first you must cut it
  5. Sungur Tekin: This is Sungur Tekin calling. Could I speak to Süleyman Şah?

Bamsı Beyrek: …………a minute I’ll get him.


  1. A) Could you repeat please
  2. B) May I know
  3. C) I’m afraid
  4. D) Hang on
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