8. Sınıf İngilizce Paragraf Çalışma Soruları


My name’s Yasin. I have been interested in computers  since my dad bought me one. I’m  crazy about working  on the computer and I also enjoy putting  in and out computer parts. My  friends call me  when they  have problems with their computers;  because I can mend  any trouble.  So,  I’ve  decided to study computer sciences at college and become a computer engineer. My parents  are  happy with my choice, too. Because they think it’s a respectable and well-paid job.  I’m sure  I’ll have a bright  career in engineering  and I will buy my own house and car soon. I also want to get married at the age of  35 and raise my children. 


1)      Yasin  has been interested  in computers  since  ……………

A)    2007          B) He was  born        C) His father bought a computer      D) Last  year


2)      What  can be  the  “title” of this paragraph?

A)    Yasin’s  future plans                   C) Computers  in our  life

B)    Computers’  bad  effects              D) Yasin and his friends


3)      Yasin’s  friends  call him  when ……………

A)    They  give a party                                                          C) They  have an important  exam

B)    They have a problem with their computers                    D) There is a football match


4)      Yasin  is  sure  that  he  will…………..

Parçaya göre cümle  hangisiyle tamamlanamaz?

A)    have  a  good career                 C) go  abroad

B)    buy his own house                    D) buy  a car


5)      Yasin   loves  …………….     very  much.

A)    Buying  cars                               C) visiting  his friends

B)    Watching documentaries            D) working on the computer


6)      Match the  words  with their  synonyms


Crazy  about






Very  good, successful

Love very much



Father and  mother


On the  second  Sunday of May, millions of people  rush to get gifts  for their mothers. They try  hard to make their mothers happy on this special day, but forget them later on.

I think it’s really unfair to remember our mothers only one day in a year, because they spend all their life for us. They work and earn money to provide a better life for us. They  do household and take care of their kids when they come home. They wake up from their nicest dreams when we cough or stay awake all night when we are ill. They  get excited  when we have an exam. They  get happy when we  succeed and get upset when we fail. They worry about us no matter how old we are.

Our  mothers are there for us  at any time of the day and night. They work, feel, breathe, and think for us. In short, they live for us.


1)      What’s the  paragraph about?

A)The  beauty of May

B)The importance of mothers

C)Giving  presents to mothers is nice

D) Mothers’s  day is very important



2)      Our mothers feel  happy  when we ……………

A)Become successful

B)Fail in the exams

C) Get ill

D) have a problem at school



3)      -Why  should we  always remember our mothers?

– Because ……………….

A) they  earn  money

B) Mothers’ day is important

C) We should buy present

D) They spend all their life for us


4)      It is a bad  thing that ……….

A)    We have got  exams

B)    Mothers  work  for us

C)    We buy presents for our mothers

D)    We  forget  our mothers


5)      Which is  false?

A)Mothers  worry about us only when we are child

B)Mothers  live for us

C)They  wake up for  us

D)Mothers  mork and earn money  for children.


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