İngilizce 2. Dönem LGS Çalışma Soruları 90 Soruluk


A)Circle The Correct Choice ( 30 X 1 = 30 Points )

 1)       We are very lucky to have such a _______ grandmother.She gives us a lot of presents for every occasion

a) stningy                      b) reliable     c) generous      d) trustworthy


2)Which car do you think I should buy?

a)Take my advice and buy the black one

b)You should pay a lot of money for this one

c) It is a good idea to buy a lorry

d)I think you shouldn’t buy a horse


3)I am tired of sending smoke signals.__________ to use a cell phone.

a) You should       b) In my opinion         c) I think       d) It’s a good idea


4)My father is always cheerful and funny.He always_________

a) behaves me rudely    b) shouts me at    c) reads book     d)tells jokes


5) I’d like to spend my summer holiday in İstanbul as ____________

a) my wife doesn’t like ice-cream      

b) I like skii-holiday

c) nature and rivers are wonderful there

d) I’m interested in cultural holiday


6)Kubudak is good at understanding and making jokes. He ________

a) is interested in history                  b) has a good sense of humour

c) is reliable and trustworthy           d) formal and serious


7)I’m an athlete.I’ve  been interested in _________ since my childhood.

a) listening to music    b)doing errands   c) running   d) solving problems


8)Cengiz Aytmatov is a worlwide knonw______. He ________ several

novels and articles until he ________  in 2008.

a) artist / drew / will die                                     b) poet / sang / dies

c ) politician / has written / had died                  d)writer / wrote /  died


9) You should  always read _________ in the library.

a) quietly      b) loudly    c) logically     d) carefully


10)What is your new teacher like?

a) He likes reading book     b) He doesn’t like playing footbal

c) He plays the piano           d) He is tall and well built with hazel eyes.


11)Your nails are too long.You should cut them with a /an __________

a) nail clipper       b) comb       c) acne gel        d) stick deodorant


12) You are getting fatter and fatter.You should _______ to lose weight.

a) stop eating healthy food                     b) eat more junk food

c) drink coke and fizzy dinks                 d) stop eating junk food


13)    Last nigt, in my dream I __________ a/an

a) see  / ghost      b) saw / monster    c) ate / apple   d) see / monster


14 ) I ________ watching TV  ______ my mother _______ cooking.

a) was / were / is                     b) am / while / were  

c) were / when / are                d) was / while / was

 15)    It ___ ten o’clock _______ I __________  yesterday.

a)  is / while / have woken up            b) was / when / woke up

c) were / when / wake up                   d) is /when / wake up


16)    Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is  the greatest ______ of the ______

a)  president / Ottoman Empire          b) king / Britain

c)  commander / Turkish Independence War  d) founder  / Germany


17)    Turkish Government _____ The Lausanne ______ in 1923.

a) signed / Treaty    b) won / war   c) withdrew / signed   d) sign / Treaty


18)    Someone _______ my golden neckle.The police found some ____

a) steal / fingerprints                          b) stolen / fingerprints

c) stole / fingerprints                          d) has stole / fingerprints


19)    _________ found a _____ of treasure  in the  magic island.

a) Pirates  / glove   b) Pirates / chest   c)Soldiers / cup   d) Chest / pirates


20)    She is the most intelligent girl I ____   _____  _______ in my life.

a) has / ever / seen                              b) have /never / seen

c) have / ever / seen                            d) have /ever / saw


21)    ________ you _____  ________ Canada?

a)Has / never / been                           b) Have  /  ever   / went to

c) Have  / ever / been to                     d) Have / ever  /  been


22)    Usain Bolt holds the world _________ for 100 metres.

a)goal               b)point               c) score              d)record


23)    I’ve _________ the clothes in my wardrobe.I’ve got only sipring clothes in it now.

a) dropped                b) iron               c) fed               d) sorted out


24)    I haven’t _____ the bill yet.Tomorrow is the last day to _______ it.

a) pay / pay      b) paid / paid        c) paid / pay       d) pay / paid

25) We have _____ in Anatolia ____ Alparslan,who is one of the graeatest ______ of Turks, demolihsed Roman Empire on 08/26/1071.

a)  been / for / historian                     b) gone  / for  / scientist

c)  seen / since / inventor                    d) been / since  / chief


26)    My friend has lived with his ______ after his father’s _______.

a) fairy tail  / advice                              b) memories / birthday

c)stepmother / death                             d) famine  /  king


27)    I have won a/an ____ to study at Oxford.I’d like to _____ from this university and _____ my own _____.


a) award / go / walk / way                            b) goal / gain / climb / job

c) scholarship / graduate / run / business    d) gain / chain / king / queen


29)  Being patient is one’s ______ and being impatient is one’s _____


a) strength / weakness                       b) weakness / strength

c) opportunity /  threaten                   d) strength / threaten


28)    He is always there in time so he is ________

a) punctual    b) logical      c)  easy going    d) patient


30) She always tells a lie so she is _______

a) trustworthy        b) honest       c) lazy        d) unreliable



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