İngilizce 2. Dönem LGS Denemesi


Choose the best answer.

1- March,April,May are __________ months.

a) spring                   b) summer                 c) autumn                 d) winter

2-My teacher is ______ and ______

a) handsome / tall      b) handsome / fat       c) young / beautiful    d) short / beautiful

3-He can’t run.He is ___________.

a) not fat                  b) too fat                     c) happy                    d) late

  4-Kenan Doğulu is a __________.

a) singer                    b)policewoman           c) policeman               d) actor

5-Why can’t you lift the table? == Because it is _____________.

a) too loud               b) too sour                 c) too busy              d) too heavy

6-It’s winter.It’s ______________.

a)cold and snowy    b)hot and windy          c)wet and rainy       d)hot and sunny

7-Take your umbrella.  It’s___________ today.

a) cloudy                  b) snowy                    c) rainy                     d)windy

8- It is ____________.I can fly my kite.

a) hot                       b)windy

c) wet                     d) rainy

9-A: Are you a doctor?      B:________________.

a)No,you aren’t.       b)No,I’m not.              c)Yes,you are.          d)Yes,I am not.

10-_____________________.They are dirty.

a)Get up                   b) Come here             c)Draw a picture       d)Wash your hands

11-She ________TV in the evenings.

a) watches               b) washes                   c) watch                   d) wash

12-I ______ my teeth every morning.

a) arrive                   b) brush                      c) work                    d) put on


13-We___________ early on Sundays.

a) doesn’t have        b) don’t  do                 c) don’t make           d) don’t get up

14-Mr.and Mrs. Brad___________ dinner at 7:00.

a) has                      b)don’t has                  c) doesn’t have        d) have

15-Does a monkey like bananas?

a) Yes,it is.              b) No,it isn’t.                c)Yes,it does.             d)No,it doesn’t

16-My dog __________ drink milk.

a) doesn’t                b) don’t                        c) not                     d)aren’t

17-Pablo and Jack______ every day.

a) plays tennis         b) plays football          c) swims                  d) play football

18-Tom ____ cheese, bread and honey in the mornings.

a) drives                  b) rides                       c) reads                  d) eats

19-They_________ sleeping now.

a)are                       b) do                           c)is                         d)am

 20-He  ________ tea at the moment.

a)am eating            b)is listening               c) is drinking          d)are drinking

 21- I come home _______ one o’clock.

a) in                            b) on                           c) at                           d)under

22-It is five to ten.

a) 5:10                      b) 9:55                        c) 10:05                    d) 5:15

23-It’s quarter past eleven.

a) 10:45                   b) 11:30                       c) 11:45                    d) 11:15

24- (7:45)=It’s_________________.

a) quarter to eight     b)quarter to seven      c)quarter past seven  d)quarter eight

25-It is a big and grey animal.It has got a long nose and big ears.What is it?

a) giraffe                    b)rabbit                       c)elephant                  d) panda


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